Upgrading Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Is it time to replace your old wedding ring? Are you ready for a change? While many couples have sentimental attachments to their wedding bands and engagement rings, it is natural to look for an upgrade as your life progresses. Whatever you’re looking for, you may likely find assistance from a knowledgeable jeweler.  

You might try to employ old diamonds in a new ring, modify the setting, or increase your diamond size. You need to search for an estate jewelers around your place.  

Upsize the size of your diamond 

You’re not the only one in this world who wants to increase the size of your diamond! It shouldn’t be surprising that many couples want to increase the size of their stone because tastes might change with age. It’s crucial to understand that not all rings have the same settings before taking this route. Jewelers frequently need to examine the stone or gem in question and decide what is feasible for each customer to increase its size. 

Your current ring settings, financial situation, and size difference may impact how you can upgrade. Get a sense of the size diamond you’re searching for before speaking with your jeweler (whether that be the shift in carat weight or diameter). Here is a brief tutorial on upgrading to a larger stone. After deciding on a diamond size upgrade, consider the clarity and color you’ll like. 

Alter your wedding ring the soonest 

Love your stone, but desire a more contemporary setting? Undoubtedly, your previous diamond can be used in a new ring. Other strategies for changing your band include: 

Change the band size: It’s normal for your band size to change over time. It can become too tiny or huge, but don’t worry! Start here to discover more about the resizing services that are offered. 

Insert stones: A birthstone or perhaps a favorite jewel could be added to your current band for an attractive of color and a little extra sentiment. Think about the stones that have some significance to you. 

Modify the color: Do you want to convert your silver to gold? For that, there are options! 

Make a note of it 

An engraving is a reliable approach to commemorate the event. A name, a date, or initials significant to you as a couple can be engraved. A great finishing touch for a ring you already adore is to etch something special to you and your lover. Whatever your purpose, engraving can be a considerate approach to updating your engagement or wedding ring without modifying the piece. You might be honoring an anniversary or trying to commemorate a milestone in your relationship. 

Change it for 

Do you want a new ring to start over? Think about exchanging your previous engagement ring at a local jeweler. The jeweler will often give you a value for the ring after evaluating it, which you can apply to your subsequent purchase. This can be a better choice than selling it for cash if you want to get something completely new, trust the jeweler, and like their designs. Everything depends on your circumstances and what will work best for you, so do your homework before choosing your jeweler. Before selling your jewelry, knowing its value is vital, so consider getting an appraisal before moving further.